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LegacyAim Review by SZPZ

The aimbot its self is very clean and polished and has lots of settings in order to make it fit your purpose. If you wish to look legit you can enable the humanize setting which adds inconsistency to the aim and makes it look much more legit, and you can alter the smooth and fov while in game to make the most of the cheat in all situations. If you are doing bad in the game, you can simply crank up the settings and turn the game around.

LegacyAim Review by Wade

Visual ESP is a ten from me! I like the looks of the menu. Also, the head dot is just perfect when you don't want to look too obvious with wallhack (It only shows a dot on the head, prevent you from looking right at the body through wall too much. Also, it helps you prefiring for the obvious corners to the head, and nobody suspects shit). I have never used chams, so i can't say anything there.

LegacyAim Review by JuliaLegacy

Staff is a ten out of ten from me. Every thread made on the forums, from what I have seen, has been replied too by a staff member and staff members are always replying to questions asked in the subscriber shout box in a quick manor and I can tell that they are dedicated to this product.

LegacyAim Review by Zeadows

I have never bought a csgo cheat in my life, I have 8 banned accounts (1 vac the rest overwatch) and I'll be honest, I am so glad that I invested the 17aud or so to buy this so that I don't have to worry about getting banned. This cheat has everything that a good cheat needs, legit aimbot, misc, visual, hell it even has a skinchanger.

LegacyAim Review by Raid1n

To some people the price might seem high to begin with. I remember looking at their pricing originally and thinking that it was a bit expensive to get into, thus why I tried the one week version to begin with. I had no expectations when I downloaded the one week subscription for the hack but I was absolutely blown away.